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GAN 11 M Duo
Magnetic, Stickerless
3 reviews

The GAN 11 M Duo features the 11 M Pro's corner-core magnetic positioning system which produces a consistent and gentle magnetic feel. The Duo does not have adjustable magnets which gives a lighter more affordable cube!

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25th Jun, 2024

My son bought this for his friend and it has gone down very well. Friend absolutely loves it.
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29th Mar, 2024

I went from an official cube to this because I wanted to start using my cubes a bit more and wow is it great. I’d never used a proper speed cube before this but the movement is just effortless and it makes simply solving the cube more enjoyable. Also the little box it comes with is way too much fun, especially if you like to fidget with stuff. Would definitely recommend
16th Jan, 2022

Instant main
My main used to be the MoYu RS3 M 2020 which is an amazing cube with long-lasting good performance. But as soon as I got this cube, it instantly became my main. It is essentially the Gan 11 M Pro just without the adjustable magnets which i think isn’t a problem because the magnets (in my opinion) are the perfect strength, not too strong, not too weak. It can also corner-cut over 45 degrees. The unboxing experience was a joy too ;) . The container that the cube comes in is ,weirdly, so much fun to open and close. Definitely a thumbs up from me 👍