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GAN Skewb M
Magnetic, Stickerless
5 reviews

Check out the latest innovation in Skewb mechanism - the GAN Skewb Magnetic! This amazing puzzle boasts GAN's trademark GES tensioning system and their revolutionary new Core/Corner Magnet system, which will give you a completely new and improved solving experience. Get ready to dazzle your friends with lightning-fast solves and smooth, effortless turning!

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18th Jul, 2024

Best skewb on the market
This cube is an absolute beast. The day I got it I broke my pb single, ao5, ao12 and ao100 in one sitting. The adjustment system is fine, a little annoying you need to swap the blue part but other than that the adjustment system is perfect. The magnets are great strenght, however the cube lacks adjustable magnets. This cube is so fast and smooth while being controllable and stable at the same time. This cube is a monster and I recommend to everyone who wants to have a good time with this event.
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17th Sep, 2023

Conor Mcmorrow
Only good skewb
This skewb literally made me go from avging high5/low6 to mid4. Also reliable in comp, more reliable than the wingy v1 i used for so long because i thought it was the most reliable skewb, which it was until this came out.
30th Aug, 2022

close to NR
I bought this skewb at a comp and went on to come 2nd and nearly get NR average but i got a +2 and dint get it but after you set this skewb up you will not find a better one
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18th Aug, 2022

Jack Corr
wow this cube is actually amazing, wasnt expecting much from it but it is literally insane
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22nd Jun, 2022

What a skewb!
Amazing skewb for a amazing price! Product came in 2 working days and it turns and feels amazing! Definitely Will be my main for a while!
Highly recommend this skewb and Utwistcubes.