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GAN Pyraminx M
Magnetic, Stickerless
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13th Aug, 2022

Eamon Jaber
Very Good Pyraminx
This Gan Pyraminx M is one of the best I've ever tried, however, out of the box, it felt very sandy and dry, and the magnets are very weak because this version of it only has 36 magnets and not 60 like the enhanced which in return makes it feel too flexible or unstable. Furthermore, adding some cubicle weight 5 and some DNM-37 really helped it loads, and the slowing down of the cube with the weight 5 really helped the issue with it being unstable. But to be honest, in the end, I would recommend the X Man Bell V2 over this as they are the same price and the Bell V2 has more magnets and they are stronger and adjustable and the Bell V2 is more reliable overall.