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MoYu RS3M 2021 Maglev
Magnetic, Stickerless
4 reviews

Look Ma! No springs! The RS3M MagLev features repelling magnets in place of springs. This reduces friction and eliminates spring noise!

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19th Nov, 2023

Wonderful 3x3
Great 3x3. Much better than any 100 euro GAN cube and about 1 tenth of the price. 5 stars. Highly recommend
21st Oct, 2022

great for the price
16th Aug, 2022

One of the best budget cubes out there
Great cube would of been my 2nd choice main over the GAN 356M but the over all cube is amazing
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15th Aug, 2022

Similar but better
This cube is similar to the normal RS3 M but in my opinion is better. It is quieter and faster, but still affordable. If youre looking for a budget cube this is the one.