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GAN356M with GES+
Magnetic, Stickerless
3 reviews

Historically one of the most popular GAN puzzles. It comes with GAN’s hand adjustable Numerical IPG Core!

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5th Sep, 2022

The best cube in the WORLD
✔ verified purchase

21st Aug, 2022

Great purchase
This was my first GAN cube and it really impressed me. The shipping was also very fast as it came the day after I ordered it. Great value for money. Would highly recommend!
✔ verified purchase

22nd Jul, 2022

Great first GAN cube and Fast shipping
Ordered my first GAN cube in the form of the GAN 356M + GES and wow the difference to other cubes I own (not many) is massive. Great cube and having the option to change how the cube feels by changing the GES is grea. Just be aware that you will either have to use your fingers or some tools to change teh GES as no tool included by GAN in the box.

Also the shipping was really fast. I ordered yesterday morning and received this morning.
Thank you UTwistCubes.