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GAN 12 Maglev UV 3x3
Magnetic, Stickerless
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Prepare to be blown away by the ultimate cubing experience with the GAN12 MagLev UV 3x3 - the peak of innovation and design in the 3x3 world! This flagship cube features adjustable magnets in the pieces and an adjustable magnetic levitation tension/compression system that will make your mind bend. Opposing magnets create a totally unique feeling that will have you racing to solve it again and again. And with reduced friction and spring noise, the only sound you'll hear is the satisfying click of a perfect turn. Plus, this version is topped off with a sleek glossy finish that'll make it stand out from all the other cubes on the block. Get ready to enter the future of cubing with the GAN12 MagLev UV 3x3!

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