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MoYu RS Magnetic Skewb
Magnetic, Stickerless
5 reviews

The MoYu RS Skewb M is a magnetic puzzle that offers great value for its price. It is equipped with numerous features such as a new anti-pop mechanism and rounded corners for improved corner cutting. Furthermore, it is designed with the dual-adjustment system that provides 9 levels of elasticity customization. If you're a skewb enthusiast, this is a must-have puzzle in your collection.

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4th Apr, 2024

great skewb
perfect skewb. cheap and doesnt slip out of your hands. it is my first skewb and i wont need another for a while
19th Nov, 2023

Great skewb!
This skewb is great for it's price, much better than the 21 euro GAN one. It turns really well and the magnets are nice and strong, so it doesn't slip out of your hands. Highly recommend
17th Jun, 2023

Great Puzzle
I bought this skewb at a competition and it turns really well. The only problem with it is the spring noise can build up over time and if you have no lube, it can stay there. Other then that, great cube!
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22nd Nov, 2022

best budget skewb
the puzzle turns smoothly and the setting are amazing for the price
17th Aug, 2022

great upgrade!
Overall this skewb is sooooooo good and would recommend this to anyone who wants an amazing skewb. One thng that makes it a bit bad is that the magnets are a bit too weak and I get a few every now and then, But other than that an amazing skewb.