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MoYu RS Maglev Pyraminx
Magnetic, Stickerless
3 reviews

The MoYu RS Pyraminx with MagLev technology delivers swift turning and impressive performance straight from the box. This pyraminx showcases the dual adjustment system that enables you to fine-tune both tension and compression for a personalized solving experience.

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14th May, 2023

O my god I was shocked when I got this I thought it would be bad because of the price but it is so so good
27th Nov, 2022

Super smooth but loose tips
solve your tips last. lol
18th Aug, 2022

way too loose
I like this pyraminx along with the magnets and the adjustability. The only problem is it is loose on the tips and it makes my times longer because I have to redo the tips mulltiple times. You can only make a bit better by using the adjustment system. Other than that a great Pyraminx.