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MoYu Meilong Skewb
Non-Magnetic, Stickerless
8 reviews

A good affordable entry level Skewb should be part of your Cubing Classroom collection.

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16th Feb, 2024

Great entry level product for the price, excellent service. Highly recommended this supplier
19th Nov, 2023

Okay beginner skewb
It's an okay skewb, I recommend you get this if it's your first skewb. It slips out of your hands very easily and locks up sometimes. If you already do skewb i recommend you get the MoYu RS Magnetic Skewb for 4 extra euro but 10 times better
✔ verified purchase

19th Aug, 2023

I like it but slipped out of my hands several times at my comp
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6th Dec, 2022

It's alright
It's good and very fun to use, Locks up sometimes but overall really nice cube, i suggest buying if ur first skewb
11th Nov, 2022

The best cube I've ever had
9th Jun, 2022

This may not be the best skews but it is still very good for the price
✔ verified purchase

5th Apr, 2022

Good for first skewb
Good to try skewb and see if you like it,but don't expect to get good times at a comp with it,for that I would say get a magnetic skewb.
28th Oct, 2021

It is okay. Good for its price; I would recommend getting it if it is your first skewb but if you already have a few and your looking for a new one I would say you should get a magnetic one.