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GAN Megaminx M
Magnetic, Stickerless
2 reviews

Hold onto your hats, folks, because the GAN Megaminx has finally arrived and it's about to blow your mind! This lightning-fast, lightweight puzzle is packed with premium features that are sure to take your solving to the next level. With interchangeable GES V3 for all 12 centers, medium strength magnets for maximum stability, and vibrant stickerless bright shades for better recognition, you'll be solving like a pro in no time. And check this out - the matte plastic wears away over time to create a glossy finish, giving your Megaminx a unique, customized look. Plus, the pieces are slightly concave to help with grip during those intense solving sessions. Are you ready to take on the GAN Megaminx challenge? Let's go!

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✔ verified purchase

17th Feb, 2024

Class Cube
Class Cube and great service from UTwist, as always
✔ verified purchase

21st Dec, 2022

Absolutely amazing
This megaminx is simply awesome. I would totally recommend this to any experienced cuber or even beginners.