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X-Man Design Tornado V3 M Pioneer
Magnetic, Stickerless
6 reviews

Features a Magnetic Core and MagLev tension!

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7th May, 2024

Very good
When I first tried the cube it was a bit sandy but I added some dnm 37 and it was almost perfect
9th Mar, 2024

Lynn Carroll
14th May, 2023

Great cube
Within about 10 minutes of use I got a new ob. Adjustment is easy. Brilliant cube at a cheap price
✔ verified purchase

13th Apr, 2023

This is the best cube that has ever come to this world I love it, definitely recommend
14th Mar, 2023

Amazing cube! 10/10
I'm not a fast cuber, but I shaved 12 seconds off my pb within an hour or having this in my hands. No adjustment just straight out of the box! Love it. Great service as ever for Matt and Utwist cubes!
✔ verified purchase

28th Dec, 2022

Very Fast and Smooth Turning
This cube has a very fast turning speed due to the maglev but this it turned down perfectly by the magnetic core.It's a very quiet puzzle and in my opinion is the but 3x3 cube out there.