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DaYan TengYun 2x2 Plus M
Magnetic, Stickerless
3 reviews

The TengYun V2 M, created by DaYan, is a revised 2x2 design that includes several new features. Among them, the cube now has a new magnet layout, which is located on the edge and center rather than on the corner. Additionally, it is equipped with a new spring compression adjustment mechanism, further enhancing the cube's overall performance.

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28th Sep, 2023

Conor Mcmorrow
Great cube but cornertwists a bit
Got a cornertwist out of an official sub3 avg, ended up being 3.1 and 2nd place but still an amazing cube and i would reccomend
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18th Aug, 2023

Great cube
Really good cube I love the feel of the magnets and the corner cutting is great
31st Mar, 2023

ben timmons
gamer cube
this cube is a very nice cube. It turns very smooth and corner cuts very well. i like the colors and the fact its very epic.