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MoYu Super RS3M Ball-Core 3x3
Magnetic, Stickerless
1 reviews

Get ready to level up your cubing game with the brand new MoYu Super RS3 M 2022 3x3! This latest addition to MoYu's famous entry-level 3x3 series comes equipped with a magnetic ball core, providing enhanced stability for smoother solves. But that's not all - the Super RS3 M 2022 also utilizes innovative MagLev technology, eliminating those annoying spring noises and reducing friction with repelling magnets in place of traditional springs. Trust us, once you try this cube, you won't want to go back to the old-school spring design.

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18th Feb, 2024

Cal McMonagle
Very reliable and fast cube
This was my first cube so I don't have anything to compare it against, but it has never popped and has minimal lock ups. Very fast out of the box but easy to adjust with dual adjustment systems. I use it with cubicles silk lube and it feels great, I highly recommend this cube for anybody in this price range.