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MoFang JiaoShi MF3RS2 3x3
Non-Magnetic, Black Stickered
4 reviews

Very fast and stable.

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10th Oct, 2022

I like the long name, it really makes this cube sound cool. The MF3RS2 is a non-magnetic budget cube.

At the time of the cubes release it was a great budget cube,but now there are more budget cubes better than this one.I would recommend it to a beginner but not to an amateur cuber,its non-magnetic and just isn't as stable and controlable as I would like it.
There are many better cubes for this price such as the:MS,RS3M and Little magic M

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22nd Apr, 2022

Good product
Overall a great cube with good corner cutting and turns nice and smoothly came in great condition and shipping is fast
The cube also has a nice stickered look
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24th Nov, 2021

Finn Moran
Great service
Super fast delivery and the cube is great for finger tricks (:
3rd Nov, 2020

So fast!
This cube is so fast and the corner cutting is really good. I really like the stickered look too.