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MoYu RS3M 3x3 2020
Magnetic, Stickerless
26 reviews

This budget magnetic is taking the world by storm and fast becoming a new main for professional cubers! All the best features of a premium MoYu cube for the lowest price possible!

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4th Mar, 2024

Great cube, best I've ever used anyway !
18th Feb, 2024

One of the best cubes ever
Got it at a competition. I made ity main instantly. Before this it was the gan 13. 5 stars.
22nd Oct, 2023

Instantly a great cube!
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16th Sep, 2023

tis is my very best cube right now
this is the best cube ever.It was a little too fast out of the box but really most cubes are today I'd recommend dnm 37 as the lube
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17th Jun, 2023

This is Moyus best ever cube between 0-20€
With only having this cube 3 weeks I broke my pb
6 TIMES! And I got an average of five of 35 seconds
If you want to lube this cube I would advise using dnm
Thx utwistcubes!!!!
Btw I accidentally only rated it 3 stars in my previous review sorry

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20th Jan, 2023

Amazing budget cube
This cube is amazing for its price. Such good value and when tensioned well it can corner cut a full 45°. It comes with a simple dual spring adjustment tensioning system and some handy tools with a stand. It does have magnets however they are quite weak but when I added more it became significantly stronger and an excellent overall budget cube
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18th Sep, 2022

Great budget cube
Great if your on a budget and has decent magnets and good turning but seems to get very dusty in between the peices
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1st Jun, 2022

I bought this for my son who recently got into cubing. He absolutely loves this one! Very smooth and fast. His times are improving alot with it!
25th Apr, 2022

Such a Perfect cube
I have had 3 speed cubes before this one. The Rubik’s cube tho is not really a speed cube, a V cube a different MoYu cube. This one made all of those feel like trash. Trust me get this cube.
24th Apr, 2022

Solid cube
What more can I say?
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23rd Apr, 2022

Great cube
Very good cube, I tried so many other cubes but this is the best one so far because it's a very fast and smooth turning speedcube. Makes me beat my record. Highly recommended cube.
From Antoni aged 10
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8th Apr, 2022

Jack Corr
good budget coob
coob = epic, good on a budget, magnets good too
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18th Mar, 2022

Meant to give 5 stars
forgot to give the cube 5 stars
11th Feb, 2022

The best 3 by 3 budget cube u can get
Ok ok ok I’ve had this cube for like 8 months and its so good u can set it up as fast but not loose it can corner cut but if u are getting it I would recommend the 7th spring settings with a tight screw setting with a ok speed lube but best cube ever
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6th Jan, 2022

What a Cube!
Hands down the best cube I ever used. I didn’t think it would be this smooth to turn and easy to use. It’s like it listens to my fingers. Will definitely hit a new personal best with it!
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30th Dec, 2021

Bartosz Zoltaniecki
Amazing Cube
The perfect cube for both beginners and advanced cubers, the price seems too low for the quality. The store is well stocked and the shipment arrives very quickly. Thanks to the team.
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28th Dec, 2021

Speedy, Budget and magnetic
I bought this cube a while ago and my first impressions were incredible. The magnets are in my opinion the perfect strength and the corner cutting (both normal and reverse) is great. It is currently my main and it has brought my times from 45 down to 19 seconds. I would definitely recommend this cube for any cubers starting out and speedcubers who are looking for a reliable, magnetic speedcube to add to their collection.

A great cube for a great price, definitely check it out!
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17th Aug, 2021

Great cube
This cube is great!I got a new pb in the same day it arrived!!

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28th Jul, 2021

Great cube
honestly a great cube, 10/10 would recommend to anyone who wants the perfect budget cube
17th Jul, 2021

Amazibg budget cube
I was using a rubiks brand and was sub 45 and after just 2 weeks of using this cube I am now sub 30. 100% would recommend.
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7th Jul, 2021

Victory onwubiko
Beautiful cube
Excellent cube performance is amazing for the price would definitely recommend
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29th Mar, 2021

I used to average 30-35 with my Mgc elite m which costs twice as much as this and now I average 25 just from using it for around 2 hours. Best budget cube that is my main.
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28th Jan, 2021

Excellent cube
Just got this cube and found it to be excellent. A big step up from my current magnetic YJ. Great price too!
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29th Sep, 2020

I’m a beginner and still learning. This cube has made a huge difference and was very reasonable price wise. Glad I bought and Matt was extremely helpful.
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24th Sep, 2020

Ethan Moloney
Review on the RS3M 2020
This cube is great. My main cube before this was over €60. When I Got this €7 cube it was instantly my main. Two days after I got this cube, I broke my P.B by 3 seconds. Definitely recommend this cube.
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22nd Sep, 2020

Instant Main
I love this cube. My main was a GTS3M and then I tried this. I haven't looked back since! Highly recommended!