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GAN 13 Maglev FX 3x3
Magnetic, Stickerless
3 reviews

A budget friendly option! The GAN13 MagLev FX is a fixed magnet version resulting in a lighter puzzle. It has the core magnetization and tension/compression adjustments.

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21st Jan, 2024

Great cube
Very good cube great turning an great packaging.
Really fast delivery 10 out of 10
✔ verified purchase

28th Jul, 2023

Colin F
Great service
Ordered the Cube on Wednesday and it arrived Friday morning, very happy with that.
The cube itself is great, GAN products always amaze me.

I will most definitely be ordering from UTwistCubes again, supporting local businesses is important to me.
24th Jul, 2023

Leon Bailey
This cube is so good for if you want a good cube like a GAN 13 Maglev but you just cant afford one. This cube has a great tension system and very nice accessories. It turns like a beast. It might be a bit to fast out of the box and uncontrollable but once you brake it in its so good. Overall I would recommend this cube to anyone looking for a budget but expencive cube. 5 stars 100%