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MoYu Meilong M 2x2
Magnetic, Stickerless
7 reviews

Very light and super fast!

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28th Sep, 2023

Conor Mcmorrow
Really nice budget cube
Doesnt require much setup (got it at a comp and got a pr avg after 5 minutes of setup) and turns really well for the price
14th May, 2023

Personal experiences
For the price it is fairly good, however if you can invest more, do. Turnings medium speed, can't really cut corners, clacky ( personal preference )

14th Aug, 2022

I bought this and after 1 day it just doesn’t turn
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20th Jun, 2022

Rory Furlong
I don’t like this cube
This was my first 2x2 and it was actually good for a while, but then the turning got really stiff and blocky so I had to get a new 2x2.

I would recommend getting the QiYi Ms 2x2 as it is only €2 more expensive.
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22nd Apr, 2022

It's not the best cube. But considering the price it is a great cube.
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8th Apr, 2022

Jack Corr
Not good
Literally barely turned after a few days, also it pops so often
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11th Jan, 2022

Nice cube
For this price range the cube is perfect, even better than I expected. Thanks Utwistcubes for great service.