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Tymon's Signature GAN 12 MagLev UV
Magnetic, Stickerless
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Tymon's GAN12 M MagLev 3x3 is a smooth, fast and controllable magnetic 3x3. This puzzle is lubed with a balanced mixture of Angstrom Gravitas, Angstrom Dignitas, and DNM-37 on the pieces. Combined with moderately strong MagLev tensions, a light compression setting, and medium-strength magnets, this puzzle has excellent control and speed. Tymon's GAN12 M MagLev is an exact replica of the cube used by Tymon Kolasiński to set his incredible 4.86 3x3 WR Average in July 2022, the first sub5 average ever achieved in competition. This puzzle comes with the record-breaking 4th scramble applied: U R2 D B2 R2 D F2 U' L2 U L' R D2 U' B R' D2 U B' L' R2 U.

Due to its tighter MagLev settings and lubrication, this puzzle may feel gummy out of the box. Please allow 10-20 break in solves for the puzzle to reach its full potential. Enjoy!

Original puzzle made by GAN. It features a Tymon Kolasiński signature logo on the white side.

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