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MoYu Meilong M 3x3
Magnetic, Stickerless
8 reviews

The magnetic version of the popular 3c is an excellent budget option.

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16th Sep, 2023

really great cube
this is probably the best budget cube I have ever gotten I think it is a little to fast out of the box but other than that the best lube is probably the dnm 37 and I got a new best of 23.1 seconds when I got it
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25th Jan, 2022

Incredible cube for the price! Perfect for a beginner on a budget :)
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1st Apr, 2021

The cube itself is great overall but when I tightened the screws it makes a really springy sound every time I twist it. Overall, it’s a budget cube so it’s the best you’re gonna get.
3rd Feb, 2021

It’s great 👍
I got my times down to 40 seconds with it!
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28th Nov, 2020

Liam Blackburn
Budget price, Impressive performance, but get the RS3 M 2020
This would make for an excellent, fuss free, first 3x3 for speed solving.
I would consider this one of the best budget 3x3's on the market.
It corner-cuts over 45 degrees and the stickerless shades are great for rapid recognition. It is fast and stable, with a very smooth feeling, once lubricated.
There is a noticeable performance difference between this and flagship 3x3's, which is perfectly acceptable and understandable based on the insanely low price.
Overall I would recommend this cube, but the MOYU RS3M 2020 outperforms this on almost every level, so get that instead (and it only costs €1 more!)
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21st Nov, 2020

Over performs for the price!
I am super surprised at how great this cube is. It completely outperforms its price.
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29th Oct, 2020

Brilliant cube all round
20th Oct, 2020

Great first speed cube
went from standard rubx to this and got my solve from 2 minutes to 1 minute.