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YJ MGC2 Elite 2x2
Magnetic, Stickerless
4 reviews

The MGC Elite 2x2 is the latest addition to the MGC Elite series of speed cubes, and is the second 2x2 cube in the lineup. One of its standout features is its unique center/edge magnetic mechanism, which is the first of its kind to be used in a 2x2 cube. This innovative design provides exceptional control and stability during solves.

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6th Feb, 2024

This 2x2 is amazing. It feels a bit dry out of the box but with the right setup it can be main material. If your looking for a 2x2 definitely get it.
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10th Jun, 2023

Arsen Hereta
Good, until it wasn't.
When I first got this 2x2, it was great. But once I started trying to set it up, something bad happened. I took out 2 corners and an edge. I lubed the edge with Weight-5, and then the corner. As I was putting I back in, the last corner couldn't go in. I took it out to find that the stem completely broke. I was devastated and tried putting superglue on the two pieces. But I still think it won't work. I'm forced to use my last main for an upcoming competition. I realise some of the blame is definitely applicable to me but nonetheless, I think it's a simple feature that should come with every cube and the corners were very prone to breaking. Obviously, the manufacturer knew people would take apart the cube, so why not insure that the corners won't break.

Overall, great potential but a faulty design. 3 stars.
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6th May, 2023

What an amazing 2x2 this has been, out of the box I’ll admit it’s dry but once it’s broken in and lubed. Wow. I upgraded from the Moyu rs2m e to this thinking it won’t be a huge upgrade but I realise how wrong I was. Amazing cube recommend it 100% and prefer it over the Gan 2x2s.
29th Apr, 2023

Yj mgc 2x2 elite.
Great cube, using it alot !
I loosened it, added some dnm 37, and it’s an amazing result!
The bad thing is that my little brother snapped the white-red-Green
I tried supergluing it, but it’s too weak...