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DaYan Megaminx Pro M
Magnetic, Stickerless
2 reviews

Introducing the DaYan Megaminx Pro, a recently unveiled megaminx from the renowned cube manufacturer DaYan. This innovative design incorporates a magnetic core, providing enhanced stability and tactile feedback to this 12-sided puzzle. Be among the first to experience the unique qualities of a megaminx with a magnetic core!

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14th Apr, 2024

ben gibbons
this is because my last one should have been 5 stars
✔ verified purchase

15th Feb, 2024

Best mega on the market but wait to buy it
I have the mgc, some goofy old mega, a dayan v2 and ive tried a yuhu. The pro is by far the best mega currently available but the gan v2 will likely be better and is going to be released very soon but will probably be very expensive so if you want the best performance then wait