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Cubicle Labs Silk (3cc)
5 reviews

Cubicle Labs Silk is a reformulated version of the traditional Silk that you all know and love. This new and improved formula gives you the signature plush, controllable feel as the previous version.

Cubicle Labs Silk is effective on puzzles of all sizes, including minxes and big cubes.

Disclaimer: Although the lube is perfectly safe to touch, please do not ingest it, set it on fire, or expose it to extremely high temperatures.

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✔ verified purchase

15th Feb, 2024

Put it in any cube and it feels really good
✔ verified purchase

15th Feb, 2024

Feels good
✔ verified purchase

8th Apr, 2022

Jack Corr
nice combo with a fast lube
11th Feb, 2022

Good lube for fast cube
If u have a cube what is fast and u love the settings but its to loose\fast I would recommend this lube only for 2 by 2 and 3 by 3 doesn’t work the best for 4 by 4 but its a good lube it makes the cube feel super smooth but it lasts short so its a great lube but some bad stuff
✔ verified purchase

2nd Dec, 2021

I got a 3x3 in July and after using it for a few months it got quite dry. I started to think it was just a bad cube, but I lubed it with this and now it is so much smoother and faster. Works with most puzzles, such as pyraminx, megaminx, sq-1 and so much more. All in all, it's great lube.