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DNM-37 (3cc)
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DNM-37 is a water-based piece lube engineered by Cubicle Labs that creates a refreshing and lasting burst of speed for your puzzles. This lube is specially formulated to absorb and retain moisture from the air, which allows it to remain effective for a long period of time. DNM-37 has been designed to work well on puzzles of all sizes, including minxes, square-1s and big cubes.


Put 2 drops in puzzle
Break in
Buckle up, because things are about to get fast!

Not to be applied to hardware. Water based lubes should not be applied to the screws or springs as this will likely lead to rust issues.

Disclaimer: Although the lube is perfectly safe to touch, please do not ingest it, set it on fire, or expose it to extremely high temperatures.

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✔ verified purchase

15th Mar, 2023

First time lubing a cube and WOW what a difference!
✔ verified purchase

27th Jul, 2022

Alex Kelly
My Favourite Lubricant
this lubricant is amazing it makes any puzzle really fast id highly recommend it!
3rd Oct, 2020

Scott Froggatt
My go-to lubricant
This makes thing FAST
and it stays fast for a good amount of time. As soon as you drop some of this into your puzzle it will be basically uncontrollable, but break it in and do a few solves and it starts slowing down to a comfortable speed. If it's still too fast, drop in some Cubicle Silk or Weight 5 silicone.