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Vin Cube 4x4 Glossy
Magnetic, Stickerless
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21st May, 2024

Chris O'Shea
Best Mid Range 4x4
This cube is pretty much perfect for its price. It comes really fast out of the box, maybe even too fast for some people, however I love faster cubes compared to slower ones. It comes with a strong screwdriver, and a soft bag. The box has basically everything you need, but doesn't throw in anything stupid to drive up costs(like a robot cube stand). The turning is fast on all layers, and the slice moves are beautiful and really satisfying. The only problem with this cube is that it was a small bit slippery, and bigger than the AoSu, which I thought is the perfect size, Overall I love this cube and would reccomend to anyone who wants to get started with 4x4.