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X-Man Bell V2 Magnetic Pyraminx
Magnetic, Stickerless
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20th Jan, 2023

Amazing pyraminx
This pyraminx is insane! It has really good quality Highly adjustable magnets with three settings each AND it comes with twelve spares, it's fast yet stable and comes factory lubed. It's corner cutting can't possibly get better and it's tensioning suited me out of the box so I didnt have to change it at all. The customer service was also amazing and it shipped in 2 days. 5 stad
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28th Oct, 2022

This pyraminx is truly amazing, out of the box the tips were a bit weak for me so I added one of the extra magnets they provided and it is perfect. We aware the tips do need lining as they are very dry so I added one drop of weight 5 on all the tips and it’s perfect now. I think this pyraminx along with all the accessories you receive tops the gam pyraminx while being cheaper!
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28th Dec, 2021

I love this pyraminx great pyraminx
3rd Apr, 2021

Quick and accurate
This is the best pyraminx available at the moment. It's quick and accurate. It's a simple but fun puzzle to have in the collection.