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QiYi MS 4x4
Magnetic, Stickerless
4 reviews

A great magnetic 4x4 from the popular QiYi MS series!

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23rd Nov, 2023

OK cube
I got this 4x4 and in my personal opinion it sucks, it comes insanely oily, I lubed it with GAN lube and it still was not the best, it has internal pops and it's most prone to it on the oll parity alg I say get the meilong.
11th Mar, 2023

Brilliant magnets
Got this to start 4 by 4 and was blown away by its magnet strength and its lovely turning bit catchy but cant tell if its good or bad for a 4 by 4 but lovely cube.
22nd Aug, 2022

Superb 4x4 at an amazing price, out performs the Meilong M making this the better option, nice feeling magnets, good middle layers and overall amazing 4x4 at a good price.
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23rd May, 2021

Strong magnets
Bought this an an upgrade from a very basic 4x4. The magnets are very strong and good. Very happy with the cube overall. Cube came within 2-3 days of ordering too which was lovely.