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QiYi MS 3x3
Magnetic, Stickerless
3 reviews

The QiYi MS 3x3 is a highly competitive economy cube!

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26th Nov, 2022

Amazing cube
This cube is honestly amazing, Arrived fast, Slick design, Factory Lubed and feels amazing when turning. For a 7 euro cube, It's amazing and its worth buying. Non cubers & cubers should honestly get this!
24th Jul, 2022

Alex Kelly
It’s so nice to turn
I bought this cube yesterday and it is one of my favorite cubes. For a €7 cube I would highly recommend it although it has very loud turning. But if your not worried about sound and your looking for a budget cube. The Qiyi MS is the one.
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28th Nov, 2020

Liam Blackburn
Decent budget cube, but there are better
The QiYi MS 3x3 is a highly competitive economy cube, with very fast, loose feeling, and slightly clacky turning. While it is very good for the price, its turning style doesn't fit me, but my brother loves it, so I'd say its down to personal preference.