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QiYi MS 2x2
Magnetic, Stickerless
9 reviews

Very light and fast. This is part of QiYi's new budget friendly magnetic series.

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12th Feb, 2023

Great 2x2
This is a great 2x2. It is rather quiet even when turning fast. The corner cutting was ok, but after I loosened the tensions it got much better. Over all this is a great 2x2. Would 100% recomend.
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29th Dec, 2022

Amazing 2x2
Great 2x2! Love it straight out of the box, Turns fast, Does 2 move flicks, And overall an amazing cube! Thanks utwistcubes!
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27th Oct, 2022

Susy baka
This cube is very fast, and smooth. I
Love the white internals. If you want a cheap fast turning 2x2 this is the best option.
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22nd Oct, 2022

Jack Corr
epic coob
coob is epic, fast and good, corner cutting is a bit crap tho
17th Aug, 2022

spectacular cube
this cube is amazing for its price and I would definitely recommend this cube for people from a beginner to a pro. If I had to say 1 bad thing about it it is definitely the corner cutting is not to good but you can fix it with a screwdriver so that it is better, so overall a spectacular 2x2.
3rd Apr, 2022

Amazing cube , definitely main worthy
I got this cube because I needed a new 2x2. This is by far the best budget 2x2 out there. It's super light and fast. If I had to say something bad about it it would be the corner cutting but it's still a brilliant cube
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5th Feb, 2022

Mii cuber
The first thing that I noticed when I got this cube is that it is really fast. I don’t find this a problem but it comes down to personal preference. The corner cutting goes easily over 45°. The magnets seem to be snappy when you need them to be which I feel is great. It’s really light and every turn is smooth and enjoyable. Even though it’s a budget cube, in my opinion it feels premium. Again, personal preference. Definitely recommended, check it out!
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28th Jul, 2021

Really fast, smooth and has strong magnets
My instant new main as soon as I felt it, great 2x2. Very lightweight and airy, great corner cutting and turns smoothly. 10/10 would recommend. Overall great budget cube.
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28th Jan, 2021

Ethan Moloney
Super light and spins smoothly
This cube is great. It's super light and fast. Turning is effortless with the magnets snapping into place. Overall super fast for a great price!