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YJ MGC 6x6
Magnetic, Stickerless
6 reviews

Introducing the MGC 6x6 from YJ, the cubing equivalent of a magic carpet ride to value town! With medium-strength magnets and buttery-smooth turning, this cube is a steal at its price point. It'll make you feel like you're solving a much more expensive 6x6, without breaking the bank. In fact, it might just leave you with enough spare change to buy some celebratory pizza after you break your personal best. So whether you're a seasoned solver or a curious beginner, the MGC 6x6 is a great choice for your big-cube adventures.

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20th Jul, 2024

Best 6 by 6 ever!👍👍
Out of the box 📦 it was amazing.I don’t have another 6 by 6 so it’s very good
6th Feb, 2024

This is a great 6x6 honestly recommend it.
6th Dec, 2023

Aran mitchel
Pb 👿 devil
I was very bad at 6x6 and I looked at a good cube but this was cheaper so I took that one but when I got it I broke ,y pb by 4 mins best 6x6
✔ verified purchase

26th Jul, 2021

First good budget 6x6
It's the best 6x6 you can buy with €20 and it is magnetic which is vital in big cubes. The customer service was also very helpful and quick to respond. This is the cheapest place to get wca cubes in Ireland.
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20th Feb, 2021

not only my first 6x6 but also my first YJ branded cube,
what an amazing difference, good strong magnets, love the glossy texture,
well worth the extra few €€€
✔ verified purchase

28th Nov, 2020

Liam Blackburn
Probably the best 6x6, ever.
So I have the YJ MGC(€21.60) and the YJ Yushi(€13.60), and I'd say they are tied for best 6x6(*if they are set up properly*).
The Yushi is equally fast on all layers, while the MGC has awesome, faster outer and second layers, but the middle are a little slower.
The MGC pops... not too much, maybe once per ao25,(it is easy to push the pieces back into place) but the Yushi has popped once ever, and that's out of 200+ solves.
After 3 weeks with the MGC, all my PBs are mixed between the two cubes, but I did shave 15 seconds off my single and 8 seconds off my ao5.
The MGC definitely feels more premium, and like it has more potential, but the semi-frequent lockups and pops bring it down.
OOTB, the Yushi has a weird squeak and spring noise, but lubing the core fixes these and makes it faster.

Overall I would recommend the MGC as it takes significantly less setup and break in, and is a hair faster, even if you are just getting into 6x6.