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YJ MGC 4x4
Magnetic, Stickerless
5 reviews

Introducing the MGC 4x4 - YJ's latest addition to the magnetic 4x4 speed cube family. This budget-friendly puzzle delivers top-tier performance without breaking the bank. Expect buttery smooth turning and a magnetic personality that's just right - not too strong, not too weak.

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4th Jul, 2023

tadhg kelly
this is the first 4x4 I ever got and using it I got from two mins down to sub 1! this is an amazing puzzle but the one thing is, you need lube, but not loads! in mine it mite have 2 or 3 drops of mystic and that's it! when I got it the tensions were perfect so I still haven't turned the screw, I've only got two pops and the were mostly my fault, for one I was really pushing this cubes corner cutting, and only an outer edge popped so it was easy to fix, and the second one was me pulling an edge out. this is the best4x4 ever and as a last piece of advice, DONT GET THE GAN 4X4! the end.
22nd Oct, 2022

Jack Corr
epic 4x4
epic 4x4, internal pops happen a lot tho
18th Oct, 2022

Great cube
This 4x4 is one of the best I've ever tried.
25th Jul, 2022

ben timmons
i was averaging around 1:30 with my gan and when i got this mgc my times went down to 1:00 in only a few weeks of training 10/10 would recommend
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28th Jan, 2022

The best 4x4 out there
This 4x4 is probably the best you can get. Its affordable and its really fast and smooth. If your looking for a new 4x4, I would definitely recommend getting this one.