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QiYi Magnetic Clock
Magnetic, Tiled
10 reviews

The QiYi Magnetic Clock has 204 magnets in the gears and 4 large magnets in the pins. The ergonomic design is easy on the hands!

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6th May, 2024

Best clock out there. Odd event
24th Apr, 2024

Amazing clock. Ok out of the box, (quite uncontrollable, dnfed avg because I overturned), but when lubed is amaaaazing.Much better than shengshou clock
14th Nov, 2023

Best clock ever
This is the best clock ever
17th Sep, 2023

Conor Mcmorrow
Funny event
Dnfed an 8 avg but without this clock it would have been an 11 or 12 avg
24th Jun, 2023

Leon Bailey
Great Clock
I bought this clock as it was my first one and it turns so well. I made a video on it and it's just great. I recommend this to anyone who wants to begin clock.
3rd Sep, 2022

Best Clock Ever!!!
S U P E R B yoooooo this is a very good clock it is the best clock out there. i would only get this one my first and probably only clock because of its quality
31st Aug, 2022

Conor McMorrow
I bought this clock at a competition where UTwistCubes were selling cubes, and out of the box it was amazing, although a bit rough but when I lubed it with some silk on the coloured parts of the case, it was perfect, this is the only good clock on the market right now.
✔ verified purchase

18th Aug, 2022

Jack Corr
clonk is yes
✔ verified purchase

10th Feb, 2022

Ethan Moloney
Miles better than any other clock out there. Turns smooth, the pins move effortlessly and it looks amazing with the black and white design. Recommend it anybody who wants to upgrade or just wants to start clock.
✔ verified purchase

12th Nov, 2021

10 out of 10
This is my first clock, and it is brilliant. The pins push down easily and it turns pretty smoothly. It is a lot easier to solve than a normal 3x3 but it is still a great puzzle. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a new item for their collection