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MoYu RS4 M 4x4
Magnetic, Stickerless
4 reviews

The 4x4 version of the hugely popular RS3M!

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3rd Jan, 2023

the absolute BEST 4X4 I've EVER tried!
This is 100% worth buying if you want a cheap 4x4 that is absolutely AMAZING. Decently strong magnets, Good quality accesories and nice little stand for the cube!
✔ verified purchase

30th Dec, 2022

Pretty good budget 4x4
Comparing with the other 4x4 that I have that I bought for around the same price and have used for years - this one is really smooth and of much better quality. Had to loosen the tension a bit initially, but it turns great with no jams or anything and I can actually enjoy using it unlike my old cube that would make me lose track of what algorithm I was doing as it would randomly jam. Came in 1 day to Waterford using standard delivery.
27th Nov, 2022

Probably one of the best budget 4x4s on the market.
13th Sep, 2022

Good but not great
This is a fairly good cube. By far the best for its price, but I would recommend spending the extra few euros and get the Mgc Elite