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MoYu Meilong 3x3 Keychain 3cm
Non-Magnetic, Stickerless
4 reviews

The perfect companion to your keys!

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7th Apr, 2024

Tiny cube
It's so tiny and cute and amazing but it is a bit loose and I don't have a screwdriver small enough to tighten it. Also the key chain broke after a while
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14th Nov, 2023

Amazing for small cube
This cube is amazing for how small it is and I only got 5 second more then what I normally , so that’s great. Other small 3x3 that I have tried never turn this good for the amazing price.
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22nd Apr, 2022

Cute Cube.
This cube is surprisingly great. It's a fun twist on your normal 3x3 because it is more of a challenge. It also can go on your bag and fit in your pocket.
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28th Nov, 2020

Liam Blackburn
Fun sized with impressive turning
This little 3cm cube is amazing. It can forward cut over 45 degrees, and reverse cut one cubie, It turns fast and is relatively stable.
On a regular sized 3x3, I average sub-14, and I can get sub-20 averages on this.
It is really fun to solve on and a great cube to add to the collection.
BONUS: It is also really quiet so you can cube discretely in public without disturbing anyone.