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MoYu Meilong 3x3
Non-Magnetic, Stickerless
6 reviews

The popular 3x3 from the excellent cubing classroom series.

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5th Mar, 2024

Very good
This is the best €5 cube out there
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18th Feb, 2024

Cal McMonagle
Great present
I gave this to my friend as a gift and they've loved it, one of the best cubes for a fiver. I definitely recommend for beginners. However if you are a more intermediate to advanced solver definitely get something magnetic.
14th Mar, 2023

after using this for 5 months it got me sub 20 i would highly recommend this as a great budget cube
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11th Jun, 2022

Great value
Very smooth action, no set up required
My son cut 30 seconds off his PB on first day with it
Got a RSM 2020 too for him to work up to but I can see this being main cube for now, he can take it out with him not worried if it gets lost
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26th May, 2022

Best budget cube out there under €5. would recommend
28th Oct, 2021

Great entry level cube for just getting started. My daughter really enjoyed this puzzle. Switch up to a magnetic when you're ready though!