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GAN 11 M Pro Frosted (Primary)
Magnetic, Stickerless
3 reviews

The GAN 11 M Pro features the worlds first corner-core magnetic positioning system which produces a consistent and gentle magnetic feel. Just like the GAN 356 XS, the new GAN 11 M Pro features the same dual adjustment system. This is a stickerless cube with primary (white) internals.

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15th Feb, 2022

It’s perfect
I love the cube. It has such a great feel I’m ten and went from a sub 40 to a sub 20. Like that is insane. Although it is a bit expensive (by the way it show I haven’t bought the item but I bought it of on scs because I did know untwist cubes had it at the time)
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28th Jan, 2021

Eoin Ryan-Preston
gan 11 m pro
this cube is really fast but stable.
i put in some compound x and it feels great.
also the adjustment system and manets on the core ale a really cool feature
15th Jan, 2021

the performance with this cube is brilliant, i have gone from barely sub-30 to comfortably sub-20 within a few week. Would definitely reccomend. It is a bit pricy tho, i thnk it is worth it