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GAN 11 M Pro Frosted (Black)
Magnetic, Stickerless
6 reviews

The GAN 11 M Pro features the worlds first corner-core magnetic positioning system which produces a consistent and gentle magnetic feel. Just like the GAN 356 XS, the new GAN 11 M Pro features the same dual adjustment system. This is a stickerless cube with black internals.

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14th Jul, 2022

Gan11 M pro
The second i started turning the cube out of the box i knew immediately i liked it, its so customizable and the turning is so fast. I mained the rs3m 2020 before it and i knew the gan would be my new main.
12th Jun, 2022

Gan11 M Pro
I've had this cube for 6 months now I just thought I'd make a review. The first day I got this cube I didn't bother trying to set it up or tension it, I was just trying out solves. Then I got my PB by 2 seconds!!! I brought it down from 13 seconds to 11. Regular Corner cutting can be a bit hard when testing but is definitely more than you need in an actual solve. Reverse cutting is amazing though. It does half a cubie like it's nothing. I never, ever lock up on this cube and my times have improved a lot with it. I would recommend this cube however it is expensive and you can still get much cheaper cubes like an RS3m which might even be better for you. But if you are willing to spend this much money, it is a great cube. 5/5 for me
9th Jun, 2022

One of the best cubes on the market. It is my main now and has improved my times a lot
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7th Dec, 2021

Ethan Moloney
Immediate Main Cube!
I knew this cube would not disappoint me when I first got it, as gan usually does. It became my main cube as soon as my first turn. Very happy with this cube and hoping for some good times! The only disadvantage is the price.
28th Oct, 2021

Turns super smooth, fast and it is really light. It is my first speedcube and within a day I beat my PB by 10 seconds. It is expensive, but it is 100% worth it.
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16th Apr, 2021

Dave Stafford
Best cube yet.
Was happy with the GAN 356 XS but the GAN 11 M Pro is lighter and feels even smoother. Really liking the magnet system too. Expensive but can't put it down. Thumbs up from me.