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So many options, where to start?

Just starting out...

If you are new to speed cubing then a good budget cube is the best place to start. Don't worry about magnets and lubricants!

Take a look at the MoYu Meilong 3x3 or QiYi Warrior S 3x3

Beyond the beginner method!

Now you are looking for something with a bit more spice! Why not take a look at a magnetic cube?

Take a look at the MoYu Meilong M 3x3 or MoYu RS3M V5 Magnetic 3x3

Want something premium to brag about?

A premium cube is perfect for competitions. These are the best of the best!

Take a look at the GAN14 Maglev UV 3x3 or GAN14 Maglev Frosted 3x3

Go big or go home!

There is a range of larger cubes available from budget to premium magnetic.
Larger cubes add that extra challenge you've been looking for.

Looking for something a bit weird?

Take a look at the selection of unusual puzzles and shape modifications!